FundFire – Is Your Direct Lending Portfolio Safe?

NEW YORK, November 28, 2018 – …And institutions know they now have options across direct lending that differ on risk, return, and sector exposure, as well as between private equity sponsor-backed loans versus “non-sponsored” ones, says Ken Kencel, CEO at Churchill Asset Management, a Nuveen affiliate… (Full text behind paywall)

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IPE – Portfolio Strategy Credit: Reading the Cycle

New York, Nov 6, 2018 – Just what that message is remains unclear. What is clear is that credit investors and investment managers face a similar dilemma, says Randy Schwimmer, senior managing director and head of origination and capital markets at Churchill Asset Management, which concentrates on lending to private-equity-sponsored middle-market companies. Like archeologists, participants in loan and credit markets are also “experts at digging for meaning among otherwise inscrutable signs”, Schwimmer says…

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KNect365 – Defining the Taxonomy of Private Credit: The Strategies and Risks

London, Oct 10, 2018 – Private credit is a rapidly maturing asset class, but the different strategies involved are still not all that well understood or defined. What does private credit mean? What are the risks involved for different strategies? Where are the best opportunities for investors? Randy Schwimmer shares his thoughts in KNect365’s exclusive interview…

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Private Debt Investor – Rattner: “I Worry about a Trade War”

NEW YORK, Oct 1, 2018 – Inflationary pressures and deal structures are among the other things that the former Obama administration adviser thinks could derail the long recovery. We bring you the transcript from his Q&A with Churchill’s Randy Schwimmer at the PDI New York Forum…

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PE Hub – Churchill Backs CenterOak’s Formation of TruRoad

NEW YORK, Sept 20, 2018 – Churchill Asset Management has provided a $87.5 million credit facility to back CenterOak Partners‘ formation of TruRoad. As previously reported by PE HUB, CenterOak invested in JN Phillips Auto Glass and merged it with Techna Glass…

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Private Debt Investor – A Goldilocks Moment for Private Credit

New York, September 3, 2018 – Even at this stage in the cycle, industry experts say conditions in the US private debt market are just right for LPs seeking to fill that sweet spot in their portfolio…

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