The Lead Left White Papers

The Case for Covenants

  • Cov-lite and Middle Market Loans
  • Cov-lite and the Investor
  • Defaults and Recoveries
  • The Outlook

The Art of the Add-On

  • Private Equity Strategies
  • Checklist for Successful Add-Ons
  • Beyond the Numbers
  • Sealing the Deal

Why Sponsors Matter

  • Enhancing Corporate Value
  • Working with Family-owned Companies
  • Non-­Sponsored Lending Revealed
  • Non-traditional Sponsors

A Review of European Direct Lending

  • Banks vs. the Non-Banks
  • Hurdles: Legal, Cultural, and Logistical
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • A Path to Success
  • Outlook for 2016…and Beyond

The Unitranche – What it is, and Why it Matters

  • What is a Unitranche?
  • Types of Unitranche Structures
  • The Agreement Among Lenders (AAL)
  • The Universe of Unitranche Players
  • Key Unitranche Concerns for Lenders and Borrowers

2016 – A Look Ahead in the Middle Market

  • Liquidity and Credit Appetite
  • Middle Market Pricing and Leverage
  • BDCs and Middle Market CLOs
  • 2016 Predictions and Trends

Why CLO’s Matter

  • What is a CLO?
  • CLO’s role in the demand side
  • The Value of Middle Market CLOs
  • How next gen vehicles will deal with regulatory and cyclical headwinds?

Why BDCs Matter

  • What is a BDC?
  • The BDC Structure
  • BDCs and Leveraged Loans
  • BDCs and the Investor