Feature Articles

Financial Review – The Credit Market’s Uncrowded Trade: Lending to Middle Market America

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 31, 2015 – Churchill Asset Management, the reincarnated debt fund backed by US insurance giant TIAA-CREF, is looking to deploy more debt capital to America’s small to medium-sized businesses with enterprise values ranging from between $US50 million ($70 million) and $US500 million.

IO&C – How Investors Came to Dominate Corporate Lending

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 30, 2015 – Lending to medium-to-large corporates has taken on a different hue in recent years. Pension funds, generally through their fund managers, are now the most important group of lenders ahead of the major banks, especially in the US. The restructuring of GE Capital and its parent in April this year confirmed the permanence of the trend.

Chief Investment Officer – The Fuel

NEW YORK, June, 2015 – Middle-market companies demand debt capital. With traditional lenders departing the space, a few select groups have ramped up their involvement – including the recently combined forces of TIAA- CREF and Churchill Asset Management. To discuss market dynamics and company culture, CIO Editor- in- Chief Kip McDaniel recently sat with Ken Kencel (President & CEO, Churchill), Randy Schwimmer (Head of Origination & Capital Market, Churchill), Brian Roelke (Head of Corporate Finance Originations, TIAA- CREF), and Shai Vichness (Head of Senior Leveraged Lending, TIAA- CREF).