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Seoul, May 12, 2021  – What are two key drivers of success in the private credit market? What are five key factors in selecting a private credit manager? President & CEO Ken Kencel shares his thoughts at the ASK 2021 Global Alternative Investment Conference.

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New York, May 10, 2021  – What is the current state of the market as we head into post-pandemic mode? What strategies have emerged as ‘best performers’ and are any of them strong contenders against direct lending? Randy Schwimmer shares his insights in this exclusive interview.

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New York, August 26, 2020  – Randy Schwimmer joined Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round to discuss Churchill Asset Management’s investing strategy and why this may be the best time for private credit.

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New York, June 8, 2020 – Randy Schwimmer joined Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round to break down his sentiments on the markets and where investors should be looking as more states continue to progress in their reopening.

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New York, May 14, 2019  – Randy Schwimmer joined Jen Rogers and Myles Udland on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round to discuss the current state of the U.S. private credit market and what the means for investors and the bull market.

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New York, April 8, 2019  – Randy Schwimmer joined Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeney to discuss the health of the US middle market and the direct lending landscape.

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New York, November 20, 2018  – Randy Schwimmer joined Bryan Curtis and Rishaad Salamat to discuss issues private credit markets are facing at present and the signs he looks for when decoding the credit cycle

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New York, August 31, 2018  – Randy Schwimmer joined Bryan Curtis and Paul Allen to discuss sentiment on markets, yield curve implications, and key private credit trends

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New York, NY, November 29, 2021 – Churchill Asset Management LLC, an investment specialist of Nuveen that provides customized financing solutions to U.S middle market-focused private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies, today announced the closing of a $750 million middle market collateralized loan obligation, Churchill Middle Market CLO III Ltd. (“CLO III”) on November 4, 2021…

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