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Responsible investing, corporate sustainability, and diversity, equity, and inclusion remain fundamental to our firm’s identity. We are dedicated to cultivating relationships with industry-leading partners, driving progress on crucial issues such as board diversity and educational equity.

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Our advantages

  • Consistent and reliable partner to our private equity firm clients

  • Capability to invest at all levels of the capital structure

  • Unique origination model drives sourcing of proprietary investment opportunities from established relationships in the private equity community

  • Through the significant capital commitment of our parent company TIAA, we invest materially alongside our investors, ensuring strong alignment with their interests

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All numbers are as of March 31, 2024.

1. Reflects Nuveen assets under management (AUM), together with total capital committed to its underlying investment specialist as of March 31, 2024. Estimated and unaudited. Refers to capital committed to client accounts in the form of equity capital commitments from investors, as well as committed, actual or expected financing from leverage providers (including asset-based leveraged facilities, notes sold in the capital markets or any capital otherwise committed and available to fund investments that comprise assets under management). For purposes of this calculation, both drawn and undrawn equity and financing commitments are included. In determining committed capital in respect of funds and accounts that utilize internal asset-based leverage (e.g., levered funds and CLO warehouses), committed capital calculations utilize a leverage factor that assumes full utilization of such asset-based leverage in accordance with the account’s target leverage ratio as disclosed to investors. In determining committed capital in respect of Churchill’s management of an institutional separate account for its parent company, TIAA, (i) committed capital in respect of private equity fund interests includes commitments made by TIAA to such strategy over the most recent 10 years, and the net asset value of all such investments aged more than 10 years, and (ii) committed capital in respect of equity co-investments, junior capital investments, structured capital investments, and senior loans includes the commitment made by TIAA for the most recent year, and the outstanding principal balance of investments made in all preceding years, (iii) committed capital in respect of secondary investments includes commitments made by TIAA since the inception of the strategy in 2022 and inclusive of the current year's commitment. In determining committed capital in respect of Churchill’s management of institutional separate accounts for third party institutional clients, committed capital includes the aggregate commitments made by such third-party clients, so long as such commitments remain subject to recycling. Thereafter, outstanding principal balance is used in respect of any applicable commitment (or portion thereof) that has expired. Due to the foregoing, committed capital figures may be adjusted over the course of a financial period, based on accounts transitioning the calculation methodology from capital commitment to invested capital.

2. The amount of ‘private capital invested’ shown above includes investments made, originated or committed to by Churchill Asset Management LLC and its affiliates, including TIAA, since 2011 (in respect of its Private Equity and Junior Capital platform) and since 2015 (in respect of its Senior Lending platform). Investments include committed investments that ultimately may not have been fully drawn or funded.

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